Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Widen your brand’s outreach through influencer marketing! Glohai provides a variety of services to streamline influencer marketing campaigns and create tailored outreach to find the best influencer for your goals. 


We offer our clients the opportunity to work with the Tagger platform, a premium software that allows brands to track, report, and monitor its influencer marketing campaigns with ease.


We also provide additional services to streamline campaigns for our clients. Whether it comes to strategizing, negotiating, or communicating with influencers on your behalf, Glohai can do it all! 


Our team can assist you on any influencer marketing needs!

Case Study

Our client is a client looking to promote their brand via influencer marketing. With the help of Glohai’s team, the client launched a successful campaign at the 2022 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championship in Eugene, Oregon! Our client leveraged the Tagger platform to manage their influencer marketing needs, resulting in successful outreach at the Championship.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Services in the US


I was concerned about our first overseas expansion, but Glohai guided us kindly and provide us detailed instructions from the basics, and they provided us the environment that I was able to ask anything on LINE or email. Thanks to Glohai, we are able to quickly generate our first overseas sales revenue ahead of our competitors.

Type: B to B
Employee Size 50-100


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