Why Choose Glohai

We are your ready-to-operate US office. Using our experience with over 150 companies, we bring your products directly to the US market to generate revenue, this is a simplified process compared to traditional way, save your time and less risky!

Specializing in growth production

Producing growth in sales revenue, new customers and develop sales channel

Best-in-class team

We are dedicated to providing personal attention to all our clients.

Ready-to-use assets

Deep understanding of US & Chinese markets in various industries, extensive contacts and American data base.

We Expand The Growth of
Japanese Companies Globally

We believe that our corporate mission is to remain a reliable and long-term partner for Japanese companies that continue to challenge globally with the goal of further growth beyond Japan. 

Providing High-Quality Services

We offer services based on our clients’ needs and have achieved success in increasing sales, increasing site traffic, and expanding businesses for our clients.

Offering Strength in Research and Proposals

We conduct thorough interviews and gather information directly from the source, which is then analyzed by our experienced team. Our database and resources allow us to deliver efficient and high-quality information to our clients

A Trusted Network That Goes Beyond Japan

Our business networks is present throughout North American and Asian markets, as we have maintained strong business relations with those we have worked with in the past.

Fast and Individualized Responses

With bases in both Japan and America, our services are available around the clock. Our team of experts in the American and Japanese markets can offer their support whenever our clients need it.

Business Strength That Translates Across Countries

Through in-depth consultations, research, and analysis, we effectively target our clients’ goals and create long-term value. Part of this process is finding distributors or cultivating partnerships with other enterprises that align with our clients’ needs, which has continuously led us to successful results.

Services in Many Languages

Our team is comprised of a diverse group of people from Japan and around the world. As a significant portion of our team is multilingual, we can offer our support in various languages.

Our Clients

Case Study

Additional Case Studies

Japanese Testing
Laboratories LLC

Japanese Testing
Laboratories LLC

Japanese Testing
Laboratories LLC

Japanese Testing
Laboratories LLC

Japanese Testing
Laboratories LLC

Japanese Testing
Laboratories LLC

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A Service That Generates International Sales From Japan

Sales Support / Cultivating Partnerships Between Agencies

Even while being in Japan, we can take on projects from overseas!
Our local team members can support client products or services under local business practices.

E-Commerce Site Development / WEB Marketing

E-commerce makes it easy to sell products within Japan and overseas. 

We can assist our clients in creating a localized e-commerce site that can increase international sales. 

Influencer Marketing

Generating global brand awareness is crucial to growing a global audience. Influencer marketing can be an effective strategy to do so.
Our cutting-edge influencer marketing platform and outsourcing services can connect our clients to over 50,000 influencers around the world.

Market Research / Consulting

Having knowledge of global trends and local markets from local experts is crucial when entering a new market.
Our market analysis and consulting services help our clients to navigate unfamiliar markets, in Japan and globally. Local marketing experts collect relevant information and customer surveys to meet client needs and readily answer any questions that may arise.

Matching Service / Establishing Your Business

Our matching service can introduce our clients to local enterprises that are already established in the market they’re looking to enter.
With experience supporting over 150 businesses internationally, we strive to offer the highest quality service in every sphere alongside our partnerships with trusted local enterprises.


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Our  mission is to remain a reliable and long-term partner for Japanese companies that continue to take on global challenges with the goal of further growth, not limited to Japan.

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75 State St Boston, MA 02109 USA



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