Take the Risk out of Sales Development

Take the Risk out of Sales Development

Are you looking to expand your business, but not sure of your next step? Moving into a new market is stressful. It takes money and skill; taking one wrong step can be costly for your business. 

Consider outsourcing for help with sales development or some other facet of business expansion. You can bring people on board who understand exposure to new markets and the challenges it can cause.

The Importance of Sales Development

When you are ready to move into a new market, you don’t want to waste time building a network. Traditionally, the process involves sending your people to the new location, where you hire a team onsite. Once hired, you need to spend time training and getting them up to speed with your product. 

Outsourcing sales development allows you to skip this step. Outsourcing sales development gives you access to established protocols to grow your business. 

With a trained sales staff in place and existing contacts, your business can start making profits in its new market immediately. Results are easy to quantify. Staff members provide updates in Japanese and create easy-to-understand reports. Regular updates allow you to track your company’s progress.

Value-Added Consulting

Not sure exactly what services you need? 

Work with a company that has access to local marketers when you are ready to move into a new geographical space. You will gain access to overseas trends. You will also have real-time information and receive market research tailored to your industry. 

Is Now the Right Time to Expand?

It is easy to put off making a push into the overseas market, but there are several reasons why expansion is great for your business model. 

Higher sales mean higher profits, which is the main reason most companies look to expand. Also, a larger multi-national company is better able to stand strong against local competitors. A business with sales from many areas is better able to weather challenges. These challenges include slow growth, a down economic climate, or other negative market conditions. 

If you plan to have a new product offering soon, expanding into new markets first gives your product a larger target area in which to market sales. 

What to Watch For

There are sure to be obstacles as you expand your business. Working with a company with experience in business expansion allows you to use their expertise to your advantage. 

By working with Glohai, you gain access to our research and resources, allowing you to target your expansion for areas where you have the greatest likelihood of success. 

You can also lessen concerns about risking capital investments by utilizing our experienced staff who are already on the ground in your target expansion area. 

Ready to Grow?

Sales development in new markets is not easy, but it can be done. A company that has a proven track record of success when helping Japanese-based companies move into new markets is your best bet for quick and effective growth. 

Contact Glohai today to schedule a consultation and learn what we can do for your business.

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