Sales Support / Cultivating Partnerships Between Agencies

Sales Support / Cultivating Partnerships Between Agencies

You can get overseas business opportunities quickly while in Japan!

Our local sales team conducts sales activities for customers’ products and services in a way that is appropriate to local business practices.

The conventional method of overseas sales activities requires a lot of time and investment in advance, such as recruiting local employees, sending Japanese employees oversea, and sales training, and it is risky.

For that reason, many companies are unable to seize overseas business opportunities.

Glohai’s  Sales & Channel Development services provides such companies with potential overseas business opportunities.

  • Quick and smooth start
  • Established customer product assessment process
  • Setting up overseas sales IT tools for customers
  • Existing local contact lists and networks
  • Trained local sales team
  • Visualize sales activities
  • Japanese staff members report it’s progress Japanese
  • Visualize activities with regular report


“Most of Glohai employees are bilingual and have rich knowledge and experience in doing business in the US and China, so we enjoyed working together and learned a lot about local business.”

Type: B to B
Employee size 1000 or more


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