Market Research / Consulting

Market Research / Consulting

Need real information from local marketers when entering new countries and markets.

Need overseas trends for business in Japan.
In such a case, please use Glohai’s research and consulting services.
Local marketers will research and consult with customers for the local information they need.
You can get real information in a short time compared to doing your own research.
We often hear from customers that when they ask a major research company, customers do not always know what kind of research content will be offered and that it often differs from what customers expect in the end.
At Glohai’s research and consulting services, a Japanese representative listens to the customer’s requests. A local marketer researches only the information required by the customer on an hourly basis and reports the content of the research as needed.
Depending on the progress report’s content, it is possible to modify the research content if the customer wants flexibly.

In addition to using publicly available WEB information for research, we will use information from local companies and information from research databases of major paid overseas research companies. Thus it is possible to deliver high-quality, accurate information that is difficult to obtain otherwise.

Examples of available research databases:

  • Business Journal
  • Business Insight
  • Industry Research
  • Demographics
  • Market Trends
  • Company Lists
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Country Information
    • Especially in the US & China


”I was concerned about our first overseas expansion, but Glohai guided us kindly and provide us detailed instructions from the basics, and they provided us the environment that I was able to ask anything on LINE or email. Thanks to Glohai, we are able to quickly generate our first overseas sales revenue ahead of our competitors. ”

Type: B to B
Employee Size 50-100


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