E-Commerce Site Development / WEB Marketing

E-Commerce Site Development / WEB Marketing

Achieve overseas sales while in Japan through a custom website and internet marketing. We can build websites for the American market that allows you to sell your products or services. We offer E-Commerce websites that feature your products and track inventory as well as internet marketing services that help your business generate revenue outside of Japan. We also provide marketing campaigns that funnel traffic to custom landing pages.
You don’t need to speak English or Chinese nor be familiar with the local markets. Our local web engineers and marketers provide consistent support for you and your business, from sales preparations to operations according to the overseas markets and your product or service.
Other services offered to get your business online are branding services that build your corporate identity, custom designs, multilingual websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click advertising, blogging, and more.


“When we were looking for new business due to the stagnation of the existing business, my Glohai’s contact proposed an online business overseas, and we succeeded in generating sales revenue in a few months. I was glad that Glohai was not only able to build an e-commerce site, but also supported us until generating sales revenue.”

Type: B to C
Employee size 50-100,


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