How Outsourcing Can Support Your Sales Channel Development

How Outsourcing Can Support Your Sales Channel Development

If you’re considering taking your business to a global market, chances are you’ve achieved a great level of success. It is a natural progression in the growth of a business to explore new audiences. In the online era, it is easier than most people can imagine.

The ability to extend your product or service to new audiences will include expanding your sales and marketing team. You’ll want to adjust your sales channels to accommodate the buying behaviors of the new demographic. 

This doesn’t mean you have to hire new personnel. The talent and workforce needed are available through outsourcing partnerships. We’re here to show you how to transition into overseas expansion.

Keep reading to learn more about sales channel development to grow your business.

Do’s and Don’ts of Building a Sales Channel

Creating a sales channel is a tricky endeavor when moving into a new market. There are pros and cons when considering outsourcing your global sales team.


  • Set clear goals before researching global development
  • Research reputable companies and get peer recommendations
  • Stay involved after hiring a team
  • Integrate your sales team into the process
  • Set checkpoints to review the process and make necessary adjustments.

Now let’s look at things you should avoid.


  • Don’t confuse an affiliate marketer and resellers with sales professionals
  • Stay away from commission-only sales agents
  • Rethink contracting with a sales call-center
  • Try not to rush the process

Global development takes time. You can reach success quicker if you use a reputable global sales channel. 

Gain Quality Leads

The principal object of outsourcing a portion of your sales functions is to gain quality leads. The way to measure your return on investment (ROI) is to understand the leads you’re receiving vs. the sales you’re making.

Based on the success or lack of success, you may also want to consider outsourcing marketing features to gain exposure into the new overseas territories. This move should help you close on leads.  

Expand Your Team with Diverse Thinkers

A business that has an in-house team sees global development as a way to add diversity. There is a lot your employees can learn from outsourced talents so use it as a teaching tool.

Terminology, approach, and even body language can get interpreted differently in various countries. You don’t want to overwhelm your team members if they are not versed in a language or fully understand the culture.

With outsourcing, you are placing the right people with the best skills before the client. How they relay messaging for your brand can make a huge difference.

Your Global Audience is on the Horizon

Building a global sales channel is an exciting time for a business. Assembling a global development team perfect for your business and industry is the key component.

Whether you’ve decided to forge ahead with global expansion or still on the fence, we’re here to help. We’d love to learn more about your business and share ways to help you transition.

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