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Establishing Your Business

Matching Service / Establishing Your Business

Glohai can introduce all the local companies that are necessary for customers to conduct overseas business. We provide you the real trustworthy business that local company go and do business with.

Glohai has built trust relationship with local companies that provide the best service in each field through more than 150 overseas business supports.

Are you trying to select a company that speaks Japanese despite the not high quality of service because you are not confortable doing business in English or Chinese and it is difficult to build trust with local companies?

Glohai’s Matching Service, Ameshin helps such customers expand their options and conduct joint projects with high quality local companies oversea.

Major local companies include law firms, accounting firms, immigration lawyers, banks, real estate, FDA consultants and more.

We will introduce various local companies according to your wishes.

Matching service

Matching Support Services in the US


I was concerned about our first overseas expansion, but Glohai guided us kindly and provide us detailed instructions from the basics, and they provided us the environment that I was able to ask anything on LINE or email. Thanks to Glohai, we are able to quickly generate our first overseas sales revenue ahead of our competitors.

Type: B to B
Employee Size 50-100


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