How Global Business Matchmaking Can Uncover New Markets for Your Company

How Global Business Matchmaking Can Uncover New Markets for Your Company

There are 30.7 million small businesses alone in the United States. Global business matchmaking helps Japanese companies connect with local businesses abroad.

Business matchmaking is connecting companies with shared business interests/goals. It creates and advances business opportunities in the global market. Thus, it’s a clear win/win situation.

Japanese businesses create the best goods and services. Matching with companies in the United States and China will boost your audience.

Here’s how global business matchmaking helps you tap into new markets.

Find Fair Partnerships

Finding good companies is the biggest challenge of overseas expansion. Business matchmaking improves your chances of connecting with the best and brightest. Our team’s goal is to create the most profitable partnerships possible.

Here at our company, we stand up for the Japanese companies we serve. We also make sure our matches benefit both parties. It’s on us to make sure each match has shared needs and goals before you outsource marketing.

First, we take note of a business’s goals, values, and features. Then we use that info to make matches with businesses that have similar interests. It’s the quickest way to make matches that lead to further growth.

Target an Audience Abroad

International business involves serving audiences in other places. We help Japanese businesses reach new audiences by matching them with local businesses.

In business matchmaking 101, you build up your customer base by entering new markets. Breaking into local markets means focusing on the audience segments they overlap with. That also means meeting a segment’s needs you wouldn’t have considered meeting otherwise. 

We select only the most relevant companies to match with our clients. We also look into the local demand for what your brand delivers. Again, we do our best to create wealth and opportunities with every match we make.

Overcome Language Barriers

Language barriers are the next biggest challenge to doing international business. Good thing our staff communicates well with companies in the United States and China!

Even honest companies struggle to network with language barriers present. Our team members speak in Japanese, English, and Chinese whenever necessary. They’re also good at understanding and translating language for business purposes.

Cultural Knowledge

All international business efforts need to understand different cultures. This makes it easier for businesses to expand into new markets.

We also offer business consulting services that provide spot-on cultural research and insights. Our findings make it easier for Japanese businesses to expand into new markets.

With our skills, we’ll represent your business in the best light possible. In turn, this will make local businesses more likely to explore a match with you.

Everyone Wins With Global Business Matchmaking

Around 70% of business partnerships fail. Global business matchmaking boosts your chance of having a successful partnership.

A business’s credibility has a big effect on a match’s success. We match our clients with quality businesses to create brand trust.

Explore your audience—schedule your consultation now. It’ll launch your business growth to new heights.

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